Michael MacKenzie

My name is Michael Mackenzie and I am an ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer. I currently attend Queens College and will soon have a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Exercise Sciences with plans to pursue Nursing in the future. I have an athletic background and now play tennis and train for Competitive Powerlifting.  I believe in functional training, strengthening the core and stabilizing muscles in a variety of  challenging workouts - that can be fun as well! I will help you get fit and stay fit by showing you the path to developing a self-motivated lifelong passion for health and fitness.

Patrick Rice

I am a certified fitness trainer by the International Sports Sciences Association as well as a member of the ECA World Fitness Convention. I specialize in all areas of health and fitness and place a strong emphasis on functional movements and training. I am currently pursuing numerous certifications such as corrective training and sports performance nutrition. I am also attending college to pursue physical therapy. Health and fitness has played a strong role in my lifestyle.  I am constantly learning new information and techniques to apply it to my clients in order to progress in their training and hitting their goals. My background in fitness is in football, gymnastics, and break dancing which has laid the foundation for my training over the years.